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Pinehurst, NC

About Pinehurst, NC

Pinehurst is a golf resort community located in Moore County, in south central North Carolina. It has hosted many prestigious golf tournaments including three U.S. Open Championships, one U.S. Women’s Open, three U.S. Amateur Championships, one PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup. There are nine, 18-hole golf courses and they are all named simply by a number. Pinehurst No. 2 has been ranked as one of the top courses in North Carolina and is among the best courses in the United States. Pinehurst offers various hotels, condos and restaurants and many other leisure facilities, making it a quaint resort town.

Pinehurst is amongst one of the “10 Safest Cities in North Carolina for 2022.” Located about an hour west of Fayetteville, the village of Pinehurst boasts beautiful landscapes, great character and a wonderful place to live or visit.

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